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Free Calibre 5.10.1 (x64) Offline Installer

Free Calibre 5.10.1 (x64) Offline Installer

Calibre 5.10.1 is a freeware and open source library management application for managing collections in the form of e-books or electronic books. This application was developed by kovid goyal and started to be published on October 31, 2006 under the name SONY PRS-500 which is the first e-ink (electric ink) based reader for commercial sale in the United States. Initially the PRS-500 could not run on the Linux operating system, but after the application developer reverse engineering the USB protocol, it was finally able to run properly. Then the PRS-500 was applied to the website and named libprs500. Only in mid-2008, the name libprs500 was changed to the name caliber with a few changes to the graphical interface to make it easier to use and also to add a converter to the LRF format.
Direct Link DownloaCalibre (x64) :
Size : 127 MB
Version : 5.10.1

Features :
  • Effective management of electronic books
  • Ability to sort books by title, author, publication date, etc.
  • Support for tagging books for improving the process of searching for books
  • You can convert a wide range of e-book formats to each other
  • Format conversion engine is a powerful example detection seasons and different parts of the document, the possibility of adding metadata to book
  • Ability to download news from three thousand News Agency (expandable) and convert them into e-book (allowing for the development of plug-in applications are possible)
  • The ability to open a variety of books in any format
  • Full support of content, bookmarks, CSS, a reference mode, printing, searching, copying and customization by style sheets and font rendering engine embeded
  • Calibre servers to store and access books and reading books anywhere in the world by the browser, mobile, Kindle, etc.
  • Editable formats such as e-books EPUB, AZW3 and can automatically detect and correct common mistakes as well as live viewing changes in the structure of the book

How To Install :
Just Install (run) and Use

How to download SERVER 1 :
Search page itself will show the “I’m not a robot” CAPTCHA message on certain circumstances when you enter the query and hit search button. You will be asked to prove you are a human by selecting the checkbox or selecting images based on the given hint.

How to download SERVER 2 :
Please wait 3 seconds and the click Get Link.
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How to download SERVER 3 :
Click on 'SKIP AD'” - Please Wait 5 seconds 

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