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Crack HomeGuard Professional 9.11.1 Free Download


HomeGuard Professional 9.11.1 is a professional software that functions to control all computer activities both at home or in the office. as well as blocking access to certain sites. This program can also record the activities of your computer programs in greater detail. You can easily share it on your device with other people. It contains all the features and mugs that any user would want. It has frequent resolutions that do not affect the human body. HomeGuard works like a fast machine. Its performance due to its quality characteristics. It will never give you a bad moment. This app records web activity and automatically blocks adult content. Further inappropriate content on websites also. Moreover, it allows lists and filtering based on file types.
The HomeGuard Professional also records detailed reports on program usage, including activity usage time, uptime, bandwidth used, mouse clicks, and keystrokes typed in each program, and optionally to block or restrict specific applications or games. Increase screen capture, regular or based on specific activities, chat and email monitoring and filtering, printer and USB device monitoring and blocking, internet time limit, network connection monitoring and filtering, email notifications, and more.

Key Features:
  • Monitor and block web searches: Protect search results from content containing porn by enforcing Safesearch across search engines.
  • The content type of web files is blocked: You can block all online videos and flash content by type (e.g. Porntube and the like but also YouTube, Metacafe, Vimeo…), other web page elements will still display (unless they were also blocked types…) but all videos will be blank. Add a custom (MIME) type or select from the pre-defined list of types (such as .exe downloads, scripts, and videos).
  • Monitor and block files: Monitoring and blocking of file deletions and moves.
  • Limit the time a program/game can be used or completely block it: Decide when and for how long each program can be used. Some programs can be blocked completely. To prevent excessive/addictive gaming, this feature has been developed. The blocked programs cannot be opened by changing their name or moving them; they are added to the list by computing their signatures, which are stored so that they can be recognized by any program, regardless of where the program is located on the hard drive.
  • Monitor and block networks: Individual Internet connections can be monitored and blocked by port number and IP address. You can also block certain Internet protocols (such as Peer-to-Peer file sharing). HomeGuard also displays detailed statistics on the data connection’s duration and bandwidth usage.
  • Monitoring of specific users and times: Monitor users at what times and which users you want to monitor.
  • Limit the time you spend on the Internet and on your computer: Establish the times and days of the week when you are allowed to use your computer and the Internet. By default, HomeGuard prevents all users from changing system time, but you can specify a restricted list of users who are allowed to do so.
  • Blacklists and whitelists, blocking websites by name or URL: Predefined ‘block’ lists allow you to restrict access to certain websites. Then block all other sites, allowing the only website on the list to be accessed. Information recorded includes the time spent visiting each website and the software used to access it. Using proxy servers to defeat website blocking is not an option, just as with content/porn filtering.
  • Statistics on how programs are used: Calculate the total running time of programs and how much actual time was spent on each program, the number of words and characters typed, how many times the mouse was clicked in every program and the number of bytes sent and received by each program.
  • Monitor and block USB storage devices: Protect your computer against viruses and spyware by monitoring and blocking removable devices, such as USB thumb drives and external hard disks. These functions can help you prevent the sharing of pornographic files.
  • Capture screenshots based on time and events: Take screenshots at predetermined intervals and times of day and week. The default setting of HomeGuard is to take screenshots every 10 minutes, but the setting can be changed to take screenshots every 2 seconds. Also, it can recall screenshots when certain events occur, such as visiting a website, searching for a word, sending or receiving an electronic message, starting a program, printing a document, or recording blocked events only.
  • Using website content instead of the names to filter porn: Detecting pornographic and inappropriate content in websites, chat messages, and emails based on your preferences. With the use of advanced search and identification algorithms, a content filtering system without proxy servers has no way to get around filtering internet traffic, regardless of the source or destination. The application filters Internet content with minimal CPU and memory use, adding very little if any overhead to computer and Internet operation.
  • Monitor for printing: Block printing altogether or monitor printed files.
  • Tool to track keystrokes: It records all keystrokes entered, including usernames, passwords, chat messages, emails, and time of typing that segment. It also shows the window title and the keystrokes typed. This keylogger fully supports non-Latin script languages (Unicode).

What is New?
  • Supports Numerous languages.
  • Spotless and quicker working program.
  • Supports Different Windows.
  • It permits using at home and office.
  • It does not show any injurious activity.
  • Using it, you can see your preview.
  • Basic and Easy Interface.
  • It can monitor your web activity.

System Requirements:
  • Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit only), 8.1 (32-bit and 64-bit), or 7 SP1 (32-bit and 64-bit)
  • 1 GHz or faster processor
  • RAM, 32 bit: 2 GB, 64 bit: 4 GB
  • Disk space: 4.0 GB
  • 1360 x 768 true color screen resolution

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How to Install
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  3. Turn off the internet connection first
  4. Open the folder where it downloads
  5. Next, install the software
  6. When finished, don't open it yet
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