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CareUEyes Pro With Crack Free Download

 CareUEyes Pro With Crack Free Download

CareUEyes Pro is eye health protection software that works by adjusting the brightness level and reducing blue light emission on the monitor screen. Blue light has long been considered a source of various eye health problems. Sleep patterns can also be disrupted. It provides three ways for reducing stress from longer sessions on computers. The first choice provided is the Blue Light Filter. A blue light filter emanating from the computer screen is automatically integrated. The screen seems warmer than normal and facilitates vision for the eyes. Users are less fatigued to work and play for longer hours. Many Blue Light Filter options are available. Users may also change the color temperature and brightness of the Blue Light Filter. You may choose gaming, evening, normal, workplace, and smart settings. The second option given is Screen Dimmer. The usage of CareUEyes does have several advantages, but one of the most remarkable is that it minimizes eye strain.

You always encounter a blue light while using a computer. This light is powerful and has a low wavelength and reduces both contrast and sharpness. This blue light is typically the result of the strain of the eye and headaches. CareUEyes lowers the color temperature of your display to create very little blue light. This application changes the computer screen’s brightness. It’s wonderful to work or play in a dark or bright environment. Screen Dimmer is compatible with most screens and monitors now used on the market. The LCD, LED and TFT may be dimmed.

Key Features:

  • Protect your eyes from glare on the screen.
  • Blue light filter.
  • Adjustable rest time.
  • Lock the screen timer to take a break.
  • Configurable parameters for lighting and timer functions.
  • Helps you be more productive.
  • It can help with your health.
  • It can help with circadian rhythm and sleep patterns.
  • Prevent eye strain
  • Blue light is a short wavelength, high energy light that is easy to blink.
  • This will reduce visual contrast and affect sharpness, causing eye fatigue.
  • CareUEyes filters blue light by adjusting the color temperature. The lower the color temperature, the less blue light the screen emits.
  • Reduce eye pain
  • Screen brightness that is too bright or too dark may irritate your eyes.
  • CareUEyes automatically adjusts the brightness of the screen to about the same brightness as the surrounding area.
  • CareUEyes adjusts brightness without PWM to avoid flicker problems.
  • Prevent eye strain
  • Blue light is shortwave, high-energy light that is easy to blink. This will reduce visual contrast and affect sharpness, causing eye fatigue. CareUEyes filters blue light by adjusting the color temperature.
  • The lower the color temperature, the less blue light the screen emits.
  • An imposing and dual-purpose software that can display the break notifications at user-defined gaps
  • It regulates the color temperature of the screen to make the light easy on the eyes
  • It is essential to take some regular breaks so that your eyes can rest a bit
  • Ensures that you take some rest now and then display the desktop notification for a specified amount of time
  • Working and relaxing intervals are fully customizable, and you have the option of enabling a desktop timer that permits you to keep track of how much time you have got until a break is due
  • Called the “Force reset” feature, preventing you from using your PC until the break has ended
  • Allow the software to automatically adjust the color temperature based on the day’s time

What's New?

  • One of the best eye care and blue light filter software
  • Prevents eye strain, reduces eye pain, and improves sleep
  • It comes with eight pre-defined eye protection modes for Windows
  • Automatically blue light filtering and brightness control
  • It helps you to prevent eye strain with the 20-20-20 rule

System Requirements :

  • Operating System: Windows 7/8/10
  • Processor: Pentium IV or higher
  • RAM: 2 GB RAM (4 GB recommended)
  • Hard Disk Space: 200 MB or more

Direct Link Download CareUEyes Pro :
Size : 9.7 MB
How To Install :
  1. Download and extract this “CareUEyes Pro” file.
  2. Also extract the crack file that is in it.
  3. Install the program as usual.
  4. After the installation process is complete, do not go into the program first.
  5. Open the crack folder, then copy and paste the existing files into the "CareUEyes Pro" installation folder on your PC or laptop.
  6. Select copy and replace.
  7. Run the program from the crack file that you copied earlier.
  8. Done.

  1. Press the download link button
  2. Then it will be directed to Mediafire, press the green button that says Download
  3. Download Application Files on Mediafire
  4. After that, the file goes directly to the download process and waits for it to finish
  5. If the file can't be downloaded, refresh your browser or press the word Fix download
  6. After the file has been downloaded, you can open it by pressing Show in Folder

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